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Richard Xue | Secretary-General |

As Richard Xue embarks on his final year in high school Model United Nations as a student at Dr. EP Scarlett High School, he is overjoyed to begin the second iteration of Alberta Model United Nations as the Secretary General. As he looks back on his experiences in global affairs and politics, he realizes that his ongoing journeys in the realm of MUN have played a significant role in shaping him. From the tentative steps of his early participation to the poised delivery of speeches on global issues at various conferences, he acknowledges the profound impact MUN has had on his growth and development. In his downtime, Richard enjoys watching "Young Sheldon," finding relaxation and entertainment in the witty humor of the show.

Brian Jiang | Director-General |

A befuddled junior imprisoned within Port Moody Secondary School, Brian is shocked-and-appalled upon receiving the opportunity to serve as the Director-General in the first iteration of ABMUN. After the hypnotic discussion regarding narcotic substances in the halls of the World Health Organization in 2021, Brian has since then developed an irreversible psychological condition that causes him to hyperventilate at the mention of any references to MUN. An avid tormentor of the dias team, Brian can be found within the conference room frantically trying to hammer Deng Xiaoping quotes into his speeches, helping to foster the international relations of Albania, and orchestrating the construction of the Death Star using British taxpayers' money. Outside of the apparatus of the Model United Nations, Brian can be spied face-palming in second-hand-embarrassment as he reads about the Waterloo campaign, delving into the detailed lore of Middle-earth, or researching about the many interesting quirks of marine porpoises. Brian looks forward to fostering a new and rewarding environment for all delegates attending ABMUN 2024!

Kevin Zhou | Chief of Staff |

Kevin, a junior at Port Moody Secondary School and a diplomat at heart, has discovered his vocation in the Model United Nations community. It is Kevin’s distinct honor to serve as the Under-Secretary General of Committees at Alberta Model United. Kevin discovered his passion for Model UN in the committee room of the World Health Organization and has since grown incredibly passionate about MUN. Outside of the complex web of diplomacy, discussion, and international cooperation, Kevin may be found putting his Hearts of Iron IV strategy abilities to the test, slogging through homework, or getting some much-needed rest. Kevin would like to wholeheartedly welcome you to Alberta Model United Nations.

Alex Liu | USG of Committees |

A senior at Steveston-London Secondary School, Alex is beyond ecstatic to serve as the USG of Committees for ABMUN 2025. Since his first Model United conference as a puny Grade 9, and only speaking twice in the total span of two days; Model United Nations has been a pivotal moment in Alex’s life. Model UN has not only fostered Alex’s interest in the world of geopolitics but also provided him with some of the best memories throughout all of highschool – he hopes that people throughout can give Model UN a try and fall in love with this academic activity just as he has. Outside of Model UN, Alex can be found waking up at 6 am to watch Formula 1 races in other parts of the world, lifting weights while pumped to the bone with stimulants, and brain rotting on his phone at 3 in the morning. Alex wishes all delegates the best at ABMUN and looks forward to meeting everyone at this unforgettable weekend of diplomacy!

Kevin Xu | USG of Delegate Affairs |

As a senior at Richmond Christian School, Kevin is ecstatic to serve as the USG of Delegate Affairs for ABMUN 2025. Ever since his first stuttering speech in 2021, MUN has nourished his extreme passion for political discussions and debates. This non-spectator sport has allowed him to witness and participate in the collision and reaction of diverse opinions from different cultures, races, and backgrounds, and most importantly, building some lifelong friendships. Outside the conference rooms, Kevin can be caught getting bubble tea after 2 hours of intense CHUNITHM playing, waking up reluctantly for badminton training, or being addicted to the adorable beings found in cat cafés. Kevin looks forward to meeting every delegate and making this conference weekend an unforgettable memory.

Richard Ai | USG of Media and Marketing |

Richard is a high school student at the illustrious “Woodlands Secondary School”, in Mississauga, Ontario. Following the invitation to join the secretariat team for Alberta MUN, Richard almost died from a heart attack (out of excitement). Somewhat of a “troller”, as quoted by other munners, he attempts to make anything that he is involved in becomes, to the best of his ability, fun and interesting for everyone, but grounded in reality, he acts normal. Staffing at previous MUN’s gave him experience, and could be seen making speeches about the latest intervention by the “Axis of resistence” in the Korean-Japanese war. Richard also enjoys nice relaxing games of Hearts of Iron IV, TC3, and other games that let you “larp” as funny countries. Time can only tell if Richard’s participation at ABMUN turns out to be “troll” or “ai”...

Krrish Shah | USG of Finance |

Krrish Shah, a grade 12 student at Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School and a passionate member of the Model United Nations Club. Krrish is honored and thrilled to take on the role of USG of Finance for ABMUN 2025. Model UN has allowed Krrish to improve his technical skills of public speaking and leadership, allowing him to become an outstanding person for Finance. Outside of Model UN, Krrish takes on business based matters through Junior Achievement and passion projects such as copywriting as a freelancer. Through all of these experiences he has decided to help coordinate ABMUN 2025 and is excited to see you there!

Michael Aspinall | USG of IT |

Michael, a student of Dr. EP Scarlett, is a driven high school student with a passion for computer science. From a young age, he has been captivated by the world of technology and its ever-expanding possibilities. With an insatiable curiosity, Michael is constantly seeking to deepen his understanding of computers, programming languages, and emerging technologies. In addition to his technical interests, Michael is also known for his involvement in the "Buluh Cult."